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URL Clarity: ShopVisible making Life Easier for the Online Customer
10/22/2008 10:48:00 AM  
Have you ever sought out an item online, successfully located it, planned on purchasing it, and then forgotten where you originally found it?

The other day my mother had a birthday. She had recently finished renovating her living room so I thought that it would be a great idea to buy her a new lounge chair. I checked out Rooms To Go online. This furniture purveyor had a lot to offer...including URL confusion.

I browsed the website and found a Beachside Khaki Chair. I liked the look but was unsure if my mom would approve of the color scheme's matching coordination with her new paint job. I jotted down the URL to pass along to her:


(Please keep in my mind that my 60 year old mother is no Bill Gates when it comes to web navigation...)

Since there is a Rooms To Go present here in Atlanta, I decided that maybe mom would be able to visit the store to view the chair. I then thought: "What if I want to save her a trip to the brick and mortar store? Wouldn't it be easier for her to remain home and browse selections?"

After giving her the above confusing URL and waiting on the phone while she slowly yet gracefully sojourned to her destination site, she said: "you know, I cannot find this chair you speak of... Some 404 error page keeps popping up. I hate computers!"

"Mom. Don't blame the computer; blame the URL. Blame Rooms to Go," I replied. I then rehtought the birthday gift buying process which I was attempting to enable my mother with. I recalled seeing another site on the web while I looked for "Atlanta teak (one of ma's favorites types) furniture." AuthenTeak, a ShopVisible powered Atlanta furniture provider, utilized clean and simple URLs. This online storefront popped up at the top on Google's listing.

For a chair similar to that from Rooms To Go, AuthenTeak showed a listing for a "Gloster Plantation Deep Seating Spring Rocker." The neat and tidy URL was:


As both you and my mother can see, the URL states the name, style, and brand all in one place. Let us again try and see what Rooms To Go offered up:


The latter URL was complicated and jumbled, filled with caps, letters and numbers. When I sent my mother the AuthenTeak link, she almost already knew what she was looking for going off the URL alone. She exclaimed, "I love it already. Deep seating, swivel rocking, and located here in Atlanta. How easy!"

Shopvisible's seamless integration and user-friendly SEO content construction made for an overall agreeable shopping venture. For a glimpse into SEO powered retailers, look at all of the ShopVisible merchants.

They have been making URLs and mothers seeking easy web navigation happy for years.

ShopVisible is an Atlanta based ecommerce solution provider. Equipped with Google Checkout Integration and more, ShopVisible utilizes ecommerce state of the line technology, SEO tactics and SEM in order to incorporate efficiently fluid ecommerce processes.

For more ShopVisible blog entries:


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Myth: You Have to Choose Between Creative and Site Optimization
By Webster J Frogg
7/10/2008 10:12:00 AM  

While there is, and probably always will be, a battle between creative and design, ShopVisible is a happy medium where it is possible to have a site at the top of the search engine results that still beams with creativity and innovation. Most people will argue and say that copy, tags and links are needed to optimize a website. Creatives want to use flashy images, videos and pop-ups that Google ignores in its search algorithm.

But why not have the best of both worlds? Check out some of our clients’ sites. While all are designed from the inside out for maximum optimization, they are all customizable and unique with unlimited room for creativity and design.
When designing a new site or even refreshing an old site our programmers work closely with the designers on developing an eye catching site that is easily spidered by Google. We have many proprietary techniques that we use to optimize our site, many of which revolve around the way our Site Manager handles inventory.

(Warning: This might get a bit technical)

We love Div tags and Style sheets because the code is clean and easily read by search engines. When rendering a page we don’t include strange symbols in the URL, instead we try to make the URL as descriptive as possible using plain text. This helps both search engines as well as customers browsing our site. We tag and name everything, although Google may not weigh tags and names heavily when ranking a site, because it does help Google figure out what kind of content is on our page and why it would be relevant to a customer.

And after all of that, you can still have a beautiful site displaying all of your flare that will draw in customers.

Check it out.


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Escaping The Internet Abyss
By Webster J Frogg
7/8/2008 10:17:00 AM  
Have you heard of the “Google Sandbox?” I hadn’t. The article “The Mythical Google Sandbox and How To Excape It” is pretty interesting and helps explain the theory. I suggest you read it first.

Done? Okay, now for my thoughts…

The idea makes sense. Search for the latest news and articles will come up explaining what you just heard on the radio or saw on the television. But if you try to search for something that happened a few months ago, the results vary and the article won’t be as easy to find. Bill Platt is saying the same thing happens with a new web page. “If the page has not generated any link popularity of its own,” it will disappear into the vast space we call the World Wide Web.

This is where start-up companies need to pay attention. If you are just starting a website, you should be more concerned on the product as opposed to constantly updating content, writing blogs (even if they are entertaining) and creating inbound links to optimize your search results (although it is extremely important). Therefore, instead of having a month of fame and then getting sucked into the “Google Sandbox,” consider purchasing a retired domain name.
Retired domains will give you some sort of error as the page no longer exists, but still show up in search results depending on the number of inbound links and how old the site is. Try the search tools explained in my previous post (link:URL) and research to see how popular the site used to be. If someone who obviously understood SEO used to operate under the name, it would definitely be worth the extra cost for the affiliation as opposed to starting from scratch.

If you still aren’t convinced, consider contacting my buddy Josh here at ShopVisible. I’m sure he’d love to talk to you about your new website!


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Search Engine Tidbits
By Webster J Frogg
7/7/2008 12:41:00 PM  
As many of my postings have mentioned, inbound links dramatically improve your location on the web (i.e. Google really likes them because it helps legitimize your site). To see if you are maximizing this part of the “natural search engine ranking equation,” try searching “link:www.shopvisible.com.” Yes, actually use your own URL… 

The results displayed show every website that has a link to your site. Cool, huh? Some companies have close to a million results linking them to their site and it is somewhat intimidating when you think of them as competition. But look at your actual competitors. See if you have more inbound links than they do. Now, it’s game on!

Another useful search tool is “allinurl:keyword.” No, don’t type “keyword.” Try something for which you want your company to be listed, like “ecommerce.” This shows your competition with this keyword in their URL. It can also help determine which keywords should be purchased (lots of competition) and which can be accomplished through natural search tactics (vast space).  

Good luck searching!


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