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SEO Awesomeness: RightSize Online
By DannieB
10/5/2009 12:45:00 PM  
RightSize Online offers delicious weight loss smoothies designed to suppress appetite while providing a high level of nutrition to the healthy dieter.  Thanks to ShopVisible ecommerce solution's search-friendly platform, RightSize has landed several #1 spots on Google for competitive key terms like "weight loss shakes" and "diet shakes."

The term "weight loss shakes" produces over 2,700,000 results on Google, making it difficult for those in the smoothie or weight loss industry to compete for the top spot.  The term also has an average Cost per Click (CPC) rate of $2.62, meaning those merchants who want a chance at getting their webite to page one of Google would pay $2.62 every time a searcher clicked on their sponsored link. 

With a search-optimized platform, RightSize has been able to reap the benefits of high-natural search rankings.  In fact, many ShopVisible clients have been able to increase traffic to their storefront while reducing their expensive pay-per-click campaign with our platform.

Checkout RightSizeOnline.com today!

ShopVisible is an ecommerce solution based in Atlanta, GA. 

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Ecommerce News: Innovative Online Retail
9/28/2009 7:34:00 AM  
ShopVisible tries hard to keep up with the latest buzz in Ecommerce news and address relevant content for its merchant base and other interested Ecommerce enthusiasts. Recently the CEO of Macy's addressed a retail conference in Las Vegas to highlight the importance of multichannel integration, a specialty of ShopVisible's Ecommerce solution.

Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren notes that "the power of Ecommerce extends far beyond the keyboard and onto the sales floor..." The company's new web presence encourages shoppers and browsers to offer up their own relevant content in the form of reviews and recommendations. Lundgren states that he was "worried about what customers would say on product reviews. We realized that if you start getting bad reviews on a product, get rid of that product. Stop doing business with that particular product."

Hubbies Smith of the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows that "Macys.com generated $30,000 in sales the first year...in 1996. Online sales now bring in about $1 billion in annual revenue...Through August, online sales increased 13 percent from a year ago..." Lundgren concludes noting "every dollar spent online influences $5.77 spent in the store over the next 10 days."

In related Ecommerce news, Forrester expert, Sucharita Mulpuru discusses how Ecommerce is indeed the bright side of retail. In her keynote address from shop.org's Annual Summit, Mulpuru delves into the significant strides being made in the Ecommerce realm that are helping to keep the retail sector afloat during these troubling economic times.

In the eyes of one Ecommerce expert, online retailers are:
  • resetting their goals: they are thinking ahead and altering standard business practices not to just emerge from the recession but in fact excel out of it...
  • alternatively assessing their competitors: looking at best practices and not just ROI driving methodologies; utilizing in some cases radical transparency as a means at the disclosure of innovation
  • developing their IT departments: folks are creating client enhancements and thinking ahead of the curve; they are testing in staging environments in an effort to provide solid QA in their production arenas
  • sticking together: they have realized that remaining close with brand loyal patrons and building upon existing relationships with their manufacturers is critical; add value to the selling arena and promote competitive pricing models 
  • blogging, tweeting, faceBooking and more: Mulpuru cannot address enough the significance of social media marketing as a form of enhanced and deliverable customer generated content; the 2 way street enables brands to promote and spread word of mouth while conversely, customers and loyal brand enthusiasts can share their positive feelings about the company
  • getting mobile: Mulpuru lauds the iPhone as a revolutionary device. She encourages Ecommerce merchants to develop mobile sites and focus on few click-thrus for checkout to enable seamless mobile purchasing and updating; Mulpuru notes that "email is web retailers best friend, but it's not the future..."
ShopVisible is an Atlanta based Ecommerce solution provider.

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SEO Awesomeness: AuthenTEAK
By DannieB
9/15/2009 9:14:00 AM  
This week we'd like to showcase the SEO success of ShopVisible client AuthenTEAK, Atlanta's premiere source for high-end furniture, outdoor kitchens and accessories.  Soaring in search for competitive terms like "outdoor furniture Atlanta" and "patio furniture Atlanta," AuthenTeak's page one positions on Google help the company generate leads to their brick-and-mortar store, which happens to be Atlanta's largest furniture showroom.  AuthenTEAK boasts consistently high natural search results not only for broad terms like "traditional outdoor furniture," but also for product specific keywords like "backless dining bench" and "brazilian cherry rocking chair."  Check out AuthenTEAK.com today.

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PCI 2010 and Beyond: Ecommerce Security News
9/9/2009 11:42:00 AM  
For many Ecommerce merchants processing orders and maintaining a website is an immense time-consuming step to growing a business. Grappling with PCI compliance and delving deeper into its origins, existence and proliferation are another daunting task to say the least.

Recently the NRF or National Retail Federation issued a merchant survey investigating PCI compliance and small online retailers. Out the polled group, 19% of non-compliant merchants said they had little to no understanding of this payment security process that is becoming increasingly imperative today in Ecommerce. Another 26% stated they lacked “the financial or technical resources to meet the standard, which covers a dozen broad areas from physical and network security to protecting” the CDE or cardholder data environment and maintaining commensurately structured security policies. Interestingly however, 86% of those polled claimed to feel somewhat familiar with PCI and its Ecommerce requirements.

A burgeoning problem for many merchants is that PCI standards evolve as do online threats and the emergence of security standards for making online transactions. New requirements are forced upon retailers in an effort to better protect cardholder spending money online. Analogously, PCI is implementing regulatory changes that will also affect payment processors and software providers. In summer 2010, new changes will occur that will dramatically affect both small online merchants and enterprise-size larger retailers alike.

-Pending PCI reqs.: any payment software handling cardholder data must comply with the PCI subset, Payment Application Data Security Standard…
-Pending PCI reqs.2: imposed by MasterCard, all merchants accepting credit cards online and in particular, those larger companies (level II merchants) must use 3rd party auditors to assess their PCI compliance

What does this mean? For starters, smaller merchants will be taking on increased spending in order to remain compliant. Further, larger merchants will have to be assessed by outside parties and done so in a more stringent manner than previous iterations of PCI compliance mandated.

So how can merchants, small or large, reduce the heightened cost of Ecommerce and PCI compliance? Internet Retailer and PCI KnowledgeBase advise not to store cardholder information if at all possible. Currently, under the PCI mandates, only “retailer systems, networks, servers, databases and software-that hold cardholder data fall under PCI.” Maintaining a strict and structured distance from the CDE will encourage PCI audit exclusion for Ecommerce merchants, small or large.

***Chart created from Internet Retailer, “Don’t Look Now.” Don Davis, Sept. 2009, p. 21***

PCI Level
Annual Transaction Volume
IR's no. of Merchants
Compliance Cost

6 million cc

1-6 million cc

20,000-1 million cc/Ecommerce payment

under 20,000 Ecommerce; under 1 million total
6 million
under $5000

Rates of Compliance:

ShopVisible is an Ecommerce solution based in Atlanta, GA.

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SEO Awesomeness: Sport-Smart
By DannieB
8/27/2009 9:40:00 AM  
Sport-smart.com's SEO rankings are off the charts! The wholesale distributor of the most popular headwear styles continues to experience heightened natural search for competitive terms within their industry.  Sport-smart.com comes up on page 1 of Google for terms like "Flexfit baseball hats," "wholesale sports hats," and "youth visors."  Check out Sport-smart positioned at #3 out of 1,190,000 results for the keywords "camo hats."

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