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Escaping The Internet Abyss
By Webster J Frogg
7/8/2008 10:17:00 AM  
Have you heard of the “Google Sandbox?” I hadn’t. The article “The Mythical Google Sandbox and How To Excape It” is pretty interesting and helps explain the theory. I suggest you read it first.

Done? Okay, now for my thoughts…

The idea makes sense. Search for the latest news and articles will come up explaining what you just heard on the radio or saw on the television. But if you try to search for something that happened a few months ago, the results vary and the article won’t be as easy to find. Bill Platt is saying the same thing happens with a new web page. “If the page has not generated any link popularity of its own,” it will disappear into the vast space we call the World Wide Web.

This is where start-up companies need to pay attention. If you are just starting a website, you should be more concerned on the product as opposed to constantly updating content, writing blogs (even if they are entertaining) and creating inbound links to optimize your search results (although it is extremely important). Therefore, instead of having a month of fame and then getting sucked into the “Google Sandbox,” consider purchasing a retired domain name.
Retired domains will give you some sort of error as the page no longer exists, but still show up in search results depending on the number of inbound links and how old the site is. Try the search tools explained in my previous post (link:URL) and research to see how popular the site used to be. If someone who obviously understood SEO used to operate under the name, it would definitely be worth the extra cost for the affiliation as opposed to starting from scratch.

If you still aren’t convinced, consider contacting my buddy Josh here at ShopVisible. I’m sure he’d love to talk to you about your new website!


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