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SaaS-based CyberSecurity: Ecommerce and PCI Options
By jvm
10/16/2009 12:27:00 PM  
Midsized Ecommerce firms and online retailers of varying tiers have a lot to manage these days, especially with regards to things like online security, consumer privacy and PCI compliance. Security deployments vary greatly for Ecommerce agents and their online selling customers. ShopVisible will below present three options for Ecommerce providers in their attempts at becoming PCI compliant on a high level and more imperative for many e-tailers, establishing strident security protocols and procedures either developed in house or from a 3rd party.

Concerns for choosing a security solution can vary dramatically depending on the organizational elements of the company such as size, revenue and client base, staffing, security expertise, solution deployment alacrity and ease/comfort with outsourcing items versus internally configuring them. With cloud based security solutions reaching their decade anniversary; many Ecommerce and security experts are going with Software as a Service tools while others opt for on-site solutions and hybrid models.

SaaS Ecommerce providers can equip eMerchants with a nearly hands-free approach to online security. Often meant for companies seeking out a "low initial purchase price, a reduced investment in IT, simpler deployments, and quicker upgrades...[SaaS based deployments are] ideal for companies with limited IT staffing and a less technical business focus, including retail services and health care," notes McAfee in its solution brief. Organizations searching for a software as a service solution may have fewer IT resources or time to manage large scale security projects. Support and management are often critical undertakings here and can be indeed a vast challenge for small teams with diverse foci. The initial start-up cost are often lower than other avenues for security as annual subscriptions are typically licensed and no on-site hardware is managed. This permits for off-site vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to remain compliant with processes like PCI DSS...

On-site security solution controls can be more malleable and offer more hands-on direction for an company. These often are associated with higher upfront costs and will require a bit more time to maintain and manage. They do however provide greater levels of security customization depending on the organizational needs. If a complex business and security infrastructure exists, one oin which data servers and mail servers are stored on the premises, a robust IT team is employed etc..., then on-site controls may be useful. This model can be more adaptable to changing and growing business needs for eample, in July 2010, when PCI will demand of its compliant supporters, a higher degree of payment card data protection.

Hybrid security models in Ecommerce can be best utilized to achieve "maximum flexibility, cost management, and compliance..." notes McAfee. A confluence of on-site measures and off-site data storage can be manipulated here to better support growing companies with expanding data needs. For example, in the case of ShopVisible, whose data centers are present in production, development and backup realms, coexists simultaneously in 2 countries and in 3 regions. Targeted PCI practices like intrusion protection (IPS) and intrusion detection (IDS) are coupled with the off-site penetration test via a hardware box installed in the data center. Blending data storage protection and internally wrought security protocols makes for a seamless and manageable Ecommerce solution.

ShopVisible is an Atlana, GA based Ecommerce solution provider located @ 1095 Zonolite Road, 30306.

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ShopVisible Breaks Browser Incompatibility
5/22/2009 10:38:00 AM  
Here at ShopVisible we test sites in various web browsers to ensure client satisfaction and optimal web performance for our eCommerce customers. Sure a given site looks and functions flawlessly in FireFox or Google Chrome but will it adapt to changes and incompatibilities in things like divergent versions of Internet Explorer? Is IE6 the same as IE7 or 8 even? The answer is no...And thanks to the ShopVisible QA processes, our clients experience fluid and seamless browser performance in all varying web browsers.

Recently a Practical eCommerce piece on Microsoft's new "Web SuperPreview" software examined this browsing conundrum. Armando Roggio notes that "[IE] has always been a problem as designers were forced to choose between widely accepted Internet standards and what would work in IE. The problem has been exacerbated by the complexity of designers having to maintain various generations of IE on a single computer."

While Microsoft has created an "Expression WebSuperPreview for IE" in order to function as a "visual debugging tool that makes it easier to migrate your web sites from [IE6] to [IE 7 or 8]," the ShopVisible design team can also strategically run through websites testing and troubleshooting these browsing inaccuracies.

The problem with browser disjunction: "Most web browsers are quick to push updates to the masses...But IE is released in a herky jerky fashion, with one generation of IE baring little or no resemblance to its predecessor." There are still web users out there using IE versions 5.5-8, meaning a "designer must code for at least three different [IE] browser that behave nothing alike." Most machines cannot support multiple versions of IE but the ShopVisible team does...We test, retest and succeed. The Microsoft package, "SuperPreview," solves this problem by permitting techies and designers to simultaneously view pages in IE 6, 7, and 8.

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eCommerce101: Choosing a Solution Provider
4/16/2009 7:18:00 AM  
Choosing an eCommerce provider can be tricky. We at ShopVisible want to make this endeavor a pleasant one for eCommerce merchants and other online vendors of goods and services.

I read a few articles and blogs on this process and after doing so, am not fully convinced of the current suggestions on the web and their oversimplification of eCommerce, SEO and platform hosting solutions.

In "Discover How to Find the Best Ecommerce Software," one writer alludes to trying as many eCommerce solutions as possible to dwindle the list down to your top bets. ShopVisible knows that this type of overarching and ill-refined solution research will leave the prospect tired, confused and unsure of their own business aims. A reader notes that "to be the best, ecommerce software should be a package of all the useful features that the modern day business needs to become a well established wholesaler or retailer." ShopVisible knows that up-to-date e-businesses like shopBags, Sport-Smart and Bambeco must not just keep up with eCommerce standards but in fact reinvent them and do so daily.

Dana Everett writes that "the e-business could be a team of marketing managers, dropshippers, computer hardware vendors, medicine dealers, or they may be cloth or jewelery merchants. Good ecommerce software should contain all the necessary features that will make it highly equipped to tackle the management of any type of business." ShopVisible is not only cognizant of this point but employs it daily. Our clients service myriad industries: travel, green and eco-friendly, apparel, home and decor and more... We also are constantly evolving, aiming to make the selling and marketing lives of our clients more visible to them and more visible to the web audience they are seeking to immerse themselves in.

SideNote: One of the articles related to this topic hypes up a rather ubiquitous web presence in the field of eCommerce. We at ShopVisible would like to challenge our readers and our competitors to make a genuine comparison for themselves regarding the super-laudatory words of this one critic concerning eCommerce competition: "One of the top ranking software packages is ***. This is a type of eCommerce software which, according to many business people [???, how about some true eCommerce merchants?] is the most effective solution for the modern business and is sometimes considered the best eCommerce software. ***is powered by a series of features well worth mentioning...most effective marketing tools and ROI tracking system...unlimited product catalog and unlimited categories and sub categories, live shipping rate integration system, quantity discounting facility, POS interface with barcode scanning...integrated 5-tier affiliate system, phone order system, automated drop shipping facility, advanced inventory management system...newsletter tracking mechanism..."

I challenge this author and any other eCommerce review out there to check out Atlanta-GA eCommerce solution, ShopVisible. Not only do we offer the above praised functions and features but we are constantly evolving and expanding our door into new niche services and with new design: both template and custom, for all your eCommerce needs.

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ShopVisible Acknowledges Automotive SEO as eCommerce Salvation
2/2/2009 8:25:00 AM  
Recent articles from the 2009 New Orleans NADA conference revealed a lot about the auto biz and its efforts at online sustainability. While some news to surface from the conference emerged rather bleakly, like the fact that GM said they would "plan to close 400 dealerships yearly until 2012..." for many in the eCommerce field, NADA-news proved to be in line with the ingenious foresight and provocative premonitions of ShopVisible.

Basically, in an automotive world of under-performing dealerships, CEOs and Marketing Directors should lend credence to innovative theories of automotive eCommerce. With regards to GM, "the company hasn't decided what will determine which dealerships will be shut down, but 'the automaker will base its decision on the age of the dealership, location, volume, and customer satisfaction..." This, to say the least, is scaring the hell out of many independent dealers around the country. Folks are wondering when their closing time will be and are intent on delaying it in an effort at automotive preservation.

In order to survive these days, car dealers need to be found online and in doing so, procure a valuable lead list and consumer ingratiation policy for maintaining a loyal base. Websites for dealers should be appealing aesthetically while being functional and dynamic from a leads and sales perspective. If "80% of new vehicle buyers use search engines while researching their purchase...if you don't have a dealership website, you are missing out on 80% of potential sales."

Having an attractive website is a step in the right direction towards automotive salvation but it is not the end-all-be-all when it comes to saving your dealership. Websites should be pretty...sure. They should be alluring and functional...yes. But in order to attract prospective clients, these pages must be seen both by consumers and by SERPs like Google. ShopVisible auto client pages like tedvernon.com achieve heightened search engine rankings and contantly appear on page number one, with elevated positioning, for their desired search terms. For example, just google "classic car miami" or "south florida Bentley" to see the impact of ShopVisible's SEO-inherent auto dealer pages. Our clients like Ted Vernon Specialty Auto Incoroprated sell widely because they appear highly when consumers look for them.

"Since only 10% of Google users ever click onto the second page of search results, if your website doesn't appear on the first page, you're missing out on 90% of potential sales. 42% of Google users will click on the first listing, so just being on the first page isn't always enough. You need to be on the top."

ShopVisible is an Automotive eCommerce solution intent on reinvigorating the auto industry and its efforts at online vitality and sustainability.

Check out www.recessionbustingcommerce.com for more info. please!

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