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Day Two of NRF 2014
By Karen Marchione
1/14/2014 4:38:00 PM  
Over the course of two full days at the National Retail Federation Big Show, we talked to hundreds of retailers about eCommerce trends, and one common theme emerged - the need for replatforming as retailers enter 2014. Our VP of sales and operations, Shane Desrochers, shares the top three questions you should ask yourself as you leave NRF and plan for the eCommerce year ahead.

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ShopVisible Powers Internet Retailer's Hot 100
By Marketing
12/7/2009 10:13:00 AM  

ShopVisible proudly announces that two of our ecommerce clients were honored in Internet Retailer Hot 100 Retail Websites 2010. This prestigious accolade is designed to showcase the best and brightest in the field of online retail. Internet Retailer sorts through an enormous amount of websites, submitted by readers, editors and industry experts each year to come up with the industry's best and brightest. In ShopVisible's case, we captured two of the highly coveted spots with Case-Mate and Bambeco, two progressively innovative pioneers online.

The Internet Retailer Hot 100 celebrates how "etailers responded to the recession with a burst of creativity" and identifies ten aspects of positive online commerce making ecommerce excel in spite of the economic downturn. ShopVisible clients Case-Mate and Bambeco are making waves online by:


  1. (1) Connecting with customers
  2. (2) Going mobile
  3. (3) Becoming expert sources for online retail
  4. (4) Making navigation more useful
  5. (5) Personalizing the online experience for shoppers
  6. (6) Making tough purchases easy
  7. (7) Selling themselves
  8. (8) Creating a sense of online urgency
  9. (9) Connecting the site and the store
  10. (10) Playing the value card


Case-Mate excels online for functionality, aesthetics and online selling prowess. Their inherent SEO driven platform provided by ShopVisible enables them to focus on driving sales, integrating into selling channels and thinking creatively as their ecommerce provider manages inventory, search and back-end business processes.

Bambeco is touching upon what is desirable in the market. Their eco-friendly online presence has helped them find a niche in the green retail and luxury home and decor spaces. Innovative and perceptive web marketing has helped enable Bambeco to sell creatively and with the help of ShopVisible, sell widely in an array of channels and online shopping marketplaces.

ShopVisible is so proud of our ecommerce family of clients, staff, developers and marketers. As we grow our brand we help push our etailing clients to the top of search positioning on the web. By being seen in all places online where shoppers are looking, vendors like Case-Mate and Bambeco can flourish.

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ShopVisible Launches PayLessDecor.com
By jvm
11/16/2009 9:09:00 AM  
Have you been looking for bamboo or faux wood blinds? Are you remodeling your home? Do you want to enhance your current window treatments with reasonably priced and aesthetically sound discount window fixtures?

Well look no further than ShopVisible's latest Ecommerce implementation, www.paylessdecor.com, a local expert in providing quality and affordable blinds, shades and curtains.

Payless Decor has long been selling their premium, designer and signature series window treatments but now, with the help of ShopVisible's Ecommerce solution, they are seeing better organic search results than ever before. Look at the below terms for which Payless Decor (seen recently in Ecommerce print and e-periodical, Internet Retailer) is showing up for in the realm of natural search; their free search positioning is stellar, with numerous page 1, position 1 results:

Keyword Pos
discount roller shades 1
discount bamboo shades 1
bamboo mini blinds 1
horizontal wood blinds 1
bamboo window covering 1
discounted window shades 1
discount roller shade 1
payless decor com 1
designer bamboo 1
window bamboo 1
1 2 premium 1
2.5 blinds 1

ShopVisible is proud to add another innovative addition to its Ecommerce family. Welcome Payless!

ShopVisible is a PCI compliant, Atlanta based Ecommerce and SEO technology firm, specializing in complex 3rd party shipping and accounting integrations.

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Ecommerce Security: PCI, Risk and Cost
By jvm
10/26/2009 8:45:00 AM  

PCI standards evolve but they do so often at a more languid pace than does the technology itself. Toss in economic considerations and you've got a real Ecommerce conundrum...

Recent literature published in the PCI Knowledge-base examines security and compliance migrations, cost reductions, and virtualization in recessionary times. Ecommerce solution provider ShopVisible offers up insights into its own PCI assessment process while trying to stay on top of recent Ecommerce security news in order to provide its clients and readers a glimpse into the rapidly blossoming arena of Ecommerce payment protection.

For many online merchants, or at least those wrestling with PCI and security measures to protect the CDE or cardholder data environment, the strident 12 requirements of PCI coupled with serious security budgets and IT infrastructure has created headaches and handicapped wallets...especially now. For many, as evidenced in the PCI Knowledge-base's expert’s blog, the arduous compliance process has become tarnished by a "checklist mentality and ineffective implementation and enforcement." It can be argued as a best practice in Ecommerce, or at least in an effort to pass compliance levels, that reducing risk and documenting to assessors that effective controls are in place exudes risk management policy, and thereby can help cut costs during the implementation.

PCI security experts have been discussing sophisticated elements of online commerce and their relation to development of both policy and technology. For instance, with regards to network segmentation and scope, the PCI Knowledge-base notes that “network segmentation is still not a requirement, for some reason, but it’s the single action that will save you the most money in the assessment.” In the PCI 1.2 version, segmentation is discussed and noted as being adequate along with the appropriate network diagrams if in place. One solution available to many merchants with the right budget is a variation of a network monitoring tool. These can “tell you, continuously, of attempts to access specific network resources.” They can in doing so show the assessor the positive impact of your network segmentation policy and thereby quantify risk and help cut back on PCI compliance costs.

Store sampling is another facet of the compliance process and in PCI 1.2, “the goal of the sampling process is to understand the risks posed by stores, since many security breaches originate there…” one here must show the assessor that store policy is commensurate with Ecommerce provider policy and high levels of consistency are maintained constantly again helping to reduce risk and cut costs. Again, automated tools can benefit providers here in an attempt to cut time and costs resources associated with manual configuration management. The PCI Knowledge-base notes that “the ability to place server configuration under change control is valuable for both PCI requirement 2, as well as requirement 10.” Automated tools will often justify a smaller sample size thus again reducing assessment fees.

The latest post from the PCI Knowledge-base also delves into discussion of compensating controls in the Ecommerce eco-system and states that “while compensating controls are too often used as a PCI cost cutting technique by merchants, they are really the heart and soul of risk management relative to PCI…a weak process for documenting and quantifying risk usually shows up in poorly defined compensating controls, which can cause compliance failure and additional assessment and technology costs.”

Basically, PCI compliance is an arduous process for any company regardless of organizational complexity, IT infrastructure and budget size. Above are just a few methods to try and cut back costs. When selecting an Ecommerce provider, it helps to do your due diligence and “in PCI 1.2, there is specific mention of the need to prove due diligence as to risk ‘prior to engaging’ service provider, and need to prove ongoing ‘monitoring’ of compliance status.” Keep monitoring policies up to date and maintain a vigilant stance with regards to data centers. Just because you’re PCI compliant does not mean that a hardened data center will mandate policy to keep you compliant. Prove to your data center, your assessor and to your clients that you care about risk. Show them PCI is an ongoing process and one dedicated to secure online transactions. The more safely your merchants sell, the more they will appreciate all your hard work!

ShopVisible is an Ecommerce solution provider intent on security, integration and SEO.


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Ecommerce News: Innovative Online Retail
9/28/2009 7:34:00 AM  
ShopVisible tries hard to keep up with the latest buzz in Ecommerce news and address relevant content for its merchant base and other interested Ecommerce enthusiasts. Recently the CEO of Macy's addressed a retail conference in Las Vegas to highlight the importance of multichannel integration, a specialty of ShopVisible's Ecommerce solution.

Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren notes that "the power of Ecommerce extends far beyond the keyboard and onto the sales floor..." The company's new web presence encourages shoppers and browsers to offer up their own relevant content in the form of reviews and recommendations. Lundgren states that he was "worried about what customers would say on product reviews. We realized that if you start getting bad reviews on a product, get rid of that product. Stop doing business with that particular product."

Hubbies Smith of the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows that "Macys.com generated $30,000 in sales the first year...in 1996. Online sales now bring in about $1 billion in annual revenue...Through August, online sales increased 13 percent from a year ago..." Lundgren concludes noting "every dollar spent online influences $5.77 spent in the store over the next 10 days."

In related Ecommerce news, Forrester expert, Sucharita Mulpuru discusses how Ecommerce is indeed the bright side of retail. In her keynote address from shop.org's Annual Summit, Mulpuru delves into the significant strides being made in the Ecommerce realm that are helping to keep the retail sector afloat during these troubling economic times.

In the eyes of one Ecommerce expert, online retailers are:
  • resetting their goals: they are thinking ahead and altering standard business practices not to just emerge from the recession but in fact excel out of it...
  • alternatively assessing their competitors: looking at best practices and not just ROI driving methodologies; utilizing in some cases radical transparency as a means at the disclosure of innovation
  • developing their IT departments: folks are creating client enhancements and thinking ahead of the curve; they are testing in staging environments in an effort to provide solid QA in their production arenas
  • sticking together: they have realized that remaining close with brand loyal patrons and building upon existing relationships with their manufacturers is critical; add value to the selling arena and promote competitive pricing models 
  • blogging, tweeting, faceBooking and more: Mulpuru cannot address enough the significance of social media marketing as a form of enhanced and deliverable customer generated content; the 2 way street enables brands to promote and spread word of mouth while conversely, customers and loyal brand enthusiasts can share their positive feelings about the company
  • getting mobile: Mulpuru lauds the iPhone as a revolutionary device. She encourages Ecommerce merchants to develop mobile sites and focus on few click-thrus for checkout to enable seamless mobile purchasing and updating; Mulpuru notes that "email is web retailers best friend, but it's not the future..."
ShopVisible is an Atlanta based Ecommerce solution provider.

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