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Engaging Customers Differently: The Key to Sustained Competitive Advantage


Competitive advantage and shopper loyalty depend on your ability to engage and inspire your customers. In an era of virtually limitless choice, however, lasting advantage only comes to those who truly understand who their customers are, what they want and why they buy, and respond with personalized, seamless experiences in every channel and touch point.


At Aptos, we think and work exactly the same way. We too, believe that our commitment to engaging our customers differently is critical to their success. We are committed to a deep understanding of each of our clients’ business models and strategic priorities, to ensuring that we stay aligned to those priorities today and tomorrow, and to delivering the retail industry’s most comprehensive omni-channel solutions.
Because we engage our customers differently, we are able to deliver solutions that enable them to engage their customers differently and achieve superior results. Over 500 of the world’s leading retailers have discovered this advantage.


Singular Commerce, Seamless Experiences
Aptos’ Singular Commerce platform leverages “The Power of One” to unify your complex omni-channel enterprise and enable consistently seamless experiences in every channel.
A Single Platform, In the Cloud
Aptos’ end-to-end Cloud platform enables dozens of leading retailers to leverage the cloud as the foundation for their omni-channel growth.
Social Responsibility as KPI
We measure our success by looking beyond sales and profits to include our commitment to our global community, and we monitor our investment in community as vigorously as any other KPI.
eBook Get to the Cloud to Grow Your Business
Formerly the exclusive domain of retailers looking to reduce costs, Aptos’ Cloud platform is now being leveraged by dozens of retailers looking to the cloud as the foundation for their growth.
Report The Forrester Wave™: Point Of Service, Q3 2015
In Forrester’s 59-point evaluation of point-of service (POS) vendors, 10 of the most significant providers were identified in the category.
eBook How to Knock Out Stock Outs
The latest advances in exception-based reporting are dramatically impacting the way merchants anticipate, identify, and minimize stock-outs and overstocks.