1. How will ecommerce impact my business?
    • Where does ecommerce fit into our overall channel strategy?
    • What is the overall company growth plan?
    • Do our core competencies include ecommerce?
    • Should we add on to our existing platform or trade it in for entirely new and more flexible model?
    • We're a manufacturer; will an ecommerce program interfere with our network of loyal retailers with brick and mortar stores?
    • We're a retailer, how will an ecommerce program drive foot traffic into our brick and mortar stores?
    • What are our security needs?
  2. How will I support this investment?
    • Do we have the sales, marketing, operations and logistics plan in place to support this ecommerce investment?
    • Any new ecommerce technology will be designed to grow sales and market share—what is our plan for managing growth? How will we meet volume demands should sales spike?
    • Supporting an ecommerce platform requires an enormous dedication of time and capital - Development, design, implementation, on-going maintenance and sales-support of a full-service. Does the company have the appropriate technical support to manage that internally? If not, what level of third-party support will we need from an ecommerce partner?
    • Do I have an effective logistics and distribution plan to deliver the goods?
    • How will I train my employees on how to use the platform?
  1. How does the platform work?
    • Is your solution a licensed software or on-demand solution?
    • What are the hosting requirements for your licensed software?
    • How do you handle upgrades? Is there a cost involved?
    • Are you PCI level 1 compliant?
    • Please describe the site architecture.
  2. Do you offer additional services?
    • Do you offer design and user experience services?
    • How do you handle customizations that we might need for our website?
    • How long does it take to launch a site? What about a site like ours?
    • What sort of support should we expect in terms of your resources?
    • How do you scope and define requirements for our business?
    • Are your services customizable to our unique business needs?
  3. How comprehensive is this ecommerce solution?
    • Does your solution integrate with channel marketplaces and comparison shopping engines? Where and how will we manage orders placed outside of my website? Do I have to login to multiple sites to manage orders?
    • If we require and integration with a third party system, is that possible? Do you have a set of integrations already in place? 
    • How can your solution boost our natural search rankings? What success have other clients had since joining your platform? Is your solution SEO friendly? What features contribute to SEO?
    • Is there a mobile commerce application? Does it support every mobile device and browser? How can I track analytics and orders through the mobile platform?
    • What are your social commerce offerings? Do you have a feature that allows us to place products on Facebook? Can the entire transaction take place in Facebook? Do you have plans to create new applications and offerings surrounding social commerce?
    • What analytics reporting tools does your solution offer? Do you integrate with any third-party analytics tools? Will you integrate with others?
    • What shipping features are included in your solution? If you don’t have an integration with our company's preferred shipping carrier, will you integrate with them? How long does this process typically take?
    • Does your solution include a complete order management system? If I have a preferred third party order management system, is there a way to tie this into your user interface?
    • Which payment types are standard to the platform? Do you offer multiple payment methods? 
    • Is there a content management system? What content can my team change without your help? Does my marketing department need to know how to write in code to make changes?
    • Does your solution support multiple currencies and languages?
    • How does the import/export process work with your solution? How do I import products, images etc?
    • Is there a management console or portal? Are their role based permission settings?
  4. How do you maintain an upgrade the platform?
    • How do you monitor for ecommerce trends in tools and features?
    • How often do you add enhancements to your solution?
    • How do you integrate new and useful tools into your platform later?
    • Do you charge clients for adding new features and updates to the platform?
    • How do you handle upgrades? Is there a fee involved?
    • Is this a hosted solution?
  5. What training and support can I expect?
    • What technical skill sets and staffing needs are required to manage your ecommerce platform system?
    • What is your client services model? Will we have a contact for reporting issues or requresting services? 
    • Do you offer professional services?
    • Do you offer custom developments?
    • Can you train my employees to operate this platform? What about future hires who need expert training — how can you help there?
    • Do you offer complimentary webinars to clients to demonstrate how to use new features and keep us informed of enhancements?
    • If I call your main phone number, will someone answer the call?
    • Do you offer training documentation manuals?
  6. Pricing:
    • Do you charge for features and related service/development fees?
    • What is the cost of security software and services?
    • What do you charge for visual design services?
    • Is there an implementation fee?
    • What is the license fee?
    • Do you offer revenue share?
    • What is the cost of ongoing support and training by case, project or retainer?

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