ShopVisible Technology

ShopVisible Philosophy

The ShopVisible technology is at the core of our offering, and our philosophy is to make sound and scalable technical decisions that are designed to support the growth and expansion of our clients' business through our SaaS ecommerce platform built with the Microsoft .NET framework. 

Our development process is built to allow for a nimble, stable and scalable environment. We maintain an agile development model because it enables us to be faster and more efficient in converting our vision into reality.

Agile development delivers working technology, free of all known bugs, following every development iteration.  The resulting enhancements to our suite of offerings is then delivered to QA and the client for testing and feedback. 

Advantages of agile development:
  • Quick and continuous delivery of working software
  • Working software is the principal measure of progress
  • Close, daily cooperation between business experts and developers
  • Projects are managed by motivated individuals who fully understand business needs
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and design
  • Immediate adaptation to changing circumstances

The ShopVisible platform is built from the ground up on the Microsoft .NET framework and the latest version of SQL Server.  Using a traditional n-tier architecture approach, the front-end user-experience and Site Manager tools are abstracted from the business logic through a robust middle tier business layer, which works tandem with the data layer to access resources from SQL Server allowing the platform to scale appropriately.

The business layer is available to our clients and partners through a series of APIs accessible via web services over SOAP.   Front end usability features extend into completely customizable pages with Microsoft .NET functions that give you the power to build and maintain highly complex and dynamic pages without fluency in proprietary scripting languages.

Our philosophy for front-end user experience combines the complex business logic our clients require with the most search friendly and fastest delivery possible.  Div based layouts and placing all of the styling in external css files, allows our sites to be rendered in the fastest possible manner.  We rely on open source javascript libraries, such as jQuery, to create a standardized client-side experience. Both the css and javascript are compressed and placed on a CDN to allow for the fastest possible delivery.

ShopVisible EcoSystem

We put a great deal of focus on making sure that our technology eco-system is fast, secure and scalable.  We have multiple SSAE 16 hosting facilities to ensure geographically dispersed redundancy to keep your business running throughout any catastrophic condition.  

ShopVisible's platform takes advantage of Content Delivery Network (CDN) to scale content, images, CSS, scripts and video worldwide to offload and distribute your assets for the fastest possible delivery for guests visiting your site. USe of CDN technology ensures that your customers experience the full breadth of your website with speed and ease. Perhaps the most important consideration we take is for your security and for the security of your customers. Every aspect of our technology is maintained with adherence to the most stringent security standards under PCI Level 1 which keeps both your and the end-consumer’s data safe. 

ShopVisible Ecosystem
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