B2B eCommerce

B2B-eCommerceRunning an effective B2B ecommerce platform means growing revenue and driving repeat business while improving efficiencies and providing positive experiences for your buyers. The ShopVisible SaaS platform offers B2B ecommerce capabilities that support even the most complex scenarios.

Buyers today expect to have consumer-like buying experiences when purchasing for their business. The most successful business-to-business sellers use ShopVisible to solve the complex and unique B2B selling requirements, while implementing B2C best practices.

The ShopVisible B2B eCommerce Solution Offers:

  • Flexible integration points to existing systems and processes
  • Role-based hierarchical user configuration and buying rules by type, role, department, etc.
  • Product catalog management for easy navigation, and customer specific views
  • Configurable pricing rules by customer, tier group, role, department, etc.
  • Configurable content, products, categories, shipping and payment options by tier group
  • Support of multiple payment options
  • Complete Order Management System
  • Custom work flow management
  • Support for multiple distributors and extended sales force
  • Reporting and analytics

    Whether you are selling online for the first time or want to replace an existing solution, ShopVisible has the B2B ecommerce capabilities and expertise to support your needs and help you achieve your goals.

    To learn more about the ShopVisible advantage, download our complimentary whitepaper.
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