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ShopVisible Platform Solves Complex Integration Challenges For Tempur-Pedic


Born in the laboratories of NASA and further developed by a group of Swedish scientists’, Tempur products from Temper-Pedic were introduced to America in the 1990’s with a singular goal: helping people sleep better.

Through the first decade and beyond, strong sales and revenue numbers were established and growth was steady. But in 2009, with a new senior management team in place, executives realized the brand was under-leveraging its’ assets and recognized there was significant opportunity to enhance revenue by investing in the area of ecommerce. Consumer engagement in multi-channel shopping and ecommerce was surging and the company took note of the need to create a space through which consumers could not only research Tempur-Pedic products, but importantly, a space that also facilitated sales.

As makers of the most highly-recommended bed in America™, Tempur-Pedic embarked on a mission to grow their ecommerce revenues. In theory a very straightforward notion, but it was a challenge with a complex variety of potential solutions.

Tempur-Pedic knew finding a defined resolution would not be easy. With legacy systems in place they needed an ecommerce partner with a flexible platform to integrate with existing and new systems without limiting the strategic design that would meld all elements of the total business.

While not on the initial RFP list, ShopVisible came to the table at the 11th hour with the right team and a plan to address each critical need by designing and deploying an integrated, flexible platform that fit perfectly with Tempur-Pedic’s objectives.

The challenge was to create an easy and effective ecommerce environment for customers that empowered the research of a highly considered purchase while providing a compelling user experience. Simultaneously, the site would need to enable a complex set of internal stakeholders and systems to ensure effective results so both consumer and business goals were met.


Complex eCommerce Integrations

As the standard bearer for flexibility and scalability, ShopVisible’s platform met the needs and expectations of Tempur-Pedic – on paper. With a green light, ShopVisible’s team set out to tackle an extremely complex deployment of systems and functions that had to be integrated. On top of these functional challenges, ShopVisible also worked hand-in-hand with three other deployment partners to ensure a cohesive integration of all platform elements.

What began as a complex integration intensified as the ShopVisible team began to construct the new site. Selling more product online was clearly the focus, but the team knew the only way to drive revenue was to create a satisfying customer experience.

“The first point to characterize is the project was far more than just a simple site redesign. It was a true end-to-end system with needs for a new platform, new CRM and a new warehouse and it had to integrate with our existing ERP system, ” said Patrice Varni, Vice-President of Marketing at Tempur-Pedic

To further improve conversion and enable sales, ShopVisible built the integration that made online financing, through Wells Fargo, possible. In addition, ShopVisible recognized and leveraged one of the most relevant characteristics of Tempur-Pedic fans – they are truly fanatics when it comes to their mattresses. ShopVisible capitalized on their powerful voices by building a platform where consumers can provide ratings and reviews of their purchase. Best of all, customers can post their thoughts directly on the site without the need to use a third party feature. Including this feature in the site reinforces research that states the importance consumers place on testimonials when it comes to a considered purchase. The ShopVisible platform fully leverages these voices to drive online purchase of Tempur- Pedic products.

“We knew that to bring old and new systems together and integrate our platform we had to focus on the core needs of Tempur-Pedic. This was a very complex implementation with multiple systems and partners,” said Sean Cook, ShopVisible CEO.

“We collaborated with Tempur-Pedic’s team and their business partners to build a world class solution that is already paying big dividends across all user groups. Certainly, we needed to make the consumer experience strong, but we knew we had to develop an easy and relevant interface for the various internal teams, as well. What we have now is a highly intuitive system that allows the marketing, call center, technology and fulfillment teams to have the same efficient and usable experience allowing them to scale the growing business.”


ShopVisible delivered the integrated platform with remarkable results. With its’ new, fully search optimized platform, the new achieved amazing sales results even on the day of launch, particularly on their most profitable products. Growth, measured from six weeks before launch to a few weeks after launch, was in the high double digits.

“We love the look, feel, and function of the new site and more importantly, our consumers love it. How do we know? Well business on the web has grown substantially for us from the day of launch. So that feels like “love” to me!” said Varni.

“I’ve been involved in many site launches in my career and this was the most complex in terms of integration with multiple systems. We were so pleased with how fully featured and highly configurable the ShopVisible platform is—in fact those elements are key to the site’s success. Just as important, the ShopVisible team was creative, solution-oriented, and quickly responsive—another important facet to making this the most effective site launch I’ve worked on.”

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