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eCommerce strategy focused on engagement and brand loyalty yields 60% increase in revenue

Founded with the goal of harnessing the benefits of microalgae to alleviate malnutrition and promote health, Nutrex Hawaii is the global leader in microalgae production and technology. Nutrex Hawaii is a subsidiary of Cyanotech Corporation and is GMP-certified by the Natural Products Association. For more information, visit

The Challenge

Nutrex Hawaii understood the value that a sophisticated eCommerce platform could bring to their company to support their eCommerce strategy. “Our goal was to simplify the shopping experience while engaging shoppers who are looking for products and educating them along the way. We were confident a new site would give Nutrex Hawaii greater sales, visitor engagement and customer loyalty,” says Sheryl Biesman, Director of Marketing, Nutrex Hawaii.

The Solution

After a competitive selection process, Nutrex Hawaii selected ShopVisible’s eCommerce platform to power their new site. “ShopVisible being an SaaS platform would allow us to have the latest functionality to help us scale our eCommerce side of the business significantly. We also liked that order management functionality is an integral part of the platform, allowing us to have greater insight into orders across the organization,” says Biesman.

During implementation, Nutrex Hawaii worked closely with the ShopVisible team to launch the brand new site. “We were impressed with the entire team and particularly
appreciated that they followed the project plan with precision. The team worked closely with our integration partners for ERP, email, and loyalty programs to provide
a seamless online experience for our customers,” says Biesman.

The new features visual navigation on the homepage and throughout the site, allowing consumers to easily search for and purchase an array of high quality supplements. In addition to detailed product information and FAQs, the site offers recipes, testimonials and health and wellness articles that provide valuable information and enhance the site’s search engine optimization.

The site features product reviews, social media integration, a nutrition dictionary and an easy-to-use shopping cart experience that decreases shopping cart abandonment rates by allowing customers to remain on a single page throughout checkout. Further, ShopVisible worked with Nutrex Hawaii to create a secure, recurring order program option for the first time, enabling customers to make one-time purchases and/or subscribe to long-term supplement packages based upon unit size purchased.

With ShopVisible's Order Management capabilities, the eCommerce team now has insight into both phone and online orders, and customers can view their order status. In addition, customer call center representatives log into the ShopVisible platform to create and modify orders

The Results

Nutrex Hawaii has been extremely successful since the launch of its e-commerce site, bringing together a unique combination of content, commerce and community to better serve its health-conscious customers.

In addition to working with ShopVisible, Nutrex Hawaii also brought in a new email service provider and SEO agency to do more targeting and create rich content. This combined eCommerce strategy serves to drive traffic and enhance the onsite experience, and has resulted in the following benefits within the first seven months of their new site launching:

• 26% increase in page views
• 22% increase in number of orders
• 35% increase in average order value
• 60% increase in revenue

“We are extremely pleased with the new site as it is allowing our consumers to be even more engaged with our brand than they were before,” said Biesman. “Building a community around testimonials, accredited health industry advocates, consumer-supplied recipes has helped Nutrex Hawaii establish a brand loyalty bond that transcends traditional commerce. This site is a great illustration of how to engage shoppers who are looking for nutrition products, science-based information and a lifestyle community. And for us, this approach has paid off in broader awareness and has driven an impressive increase in revenue in a short period of time.”

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