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The Challenge

If you have purchased a DVD or book online, chances are you have purchased from but just didn’t know it. This summarizes the greatest challenge that faced – most of their customers purchased their products through other channels. is the largest provider of movies, music and books on both the eBay and Amazon Marketplaces. Despite this stake hold, they realized that they were missing out on opportunities to transact directly with their customers on their own website. Like many retailers, their website was challenged with slow page load times and rigid UX functionality. Frustrated with the website limitations, made the decision to develop deeper customer relationships and build on the strengths of its brand by re-launching its online store.

The Solution

The team quickly determined that they needed to find a SaaS commerce technology solution to create a website with the customer experience they needed to grow their online business. With a growing inventory of 600,000 + SKUs, required a platform that could handle their high volume of online transactions, product images and shipping demands. To reduce page load times, ShopVisible cached the 600,000 unique images to its Content Delivery Network (CDN), freeing up the servers to focus on transactions. By caching a single image for each product to the CDN can supply a single product image rendered down to whatever size requested - thumbnail, product page, in-site search, cart etc. ShopVisible enables one image to be cached to the CDN so that the server isn’t burdened by repeated requests to view the image from all parts of the world. This feature, which is inherent to the ShopVisible platform, enables to run as fast as possible without engaging a costly third party tool.

In addition to solid site performance, wanted to provide a top-end user experience on the front-end and enable powerful in-site search functionality to help customers browse their extensive collection of movies, music and books. also took advantage of the ShopVisible API to import data that they then apply towards their custom business processes to maintain a competitive edge in a highly price-driven industry.

The Results customers can search within the website for an item by title, actor, author or any other search criteria and instantly review results based on relevancy as they type. Additionally, the platform records the search terms for search engines to crawl, which improves visibility in natural search. The website now includes numerous features that it wasn’t able to support before including customer reviews and filtering options which have helped improve conversion rates. has also taken advantage of the extensible promotions engine that is built into the ShopVisible platform and now offers flash sale promos and other compelling offers that help increase average order amounts.

The website, originally a point of frustration for the team, is now a destination site for customers interested in purchasing DVDs, books and music. Movie Mars is pleased with what ShopVisible has delivered so far, “Our new online experience delivers so much more,” said Daniel E. Yen, CEO of Movie Mars. “We want to connect with our customers intimately; we want to build real relationships with them for the long term. ShopVisible has been able to work with us on that goal from design to delivery. The experience has been amazing.”

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