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Classic Brand London Fog Seizes Modern Opportunities with ShopVisible

In the world of retail, reputation is power—and the iconic brand of 80-year-old apparel company London Fog wields it well. The London Fog brand has been synonymous with quality outwear for decades, and their business model is built on strong relationships with retail outlets such as department stores. However, today’s connected consumer expects to have a direct connection to brands. As with many brands and manufacturers, the company saw great opportunity in adding direct-to-consumer capabilities, turning this existing brand equity into lifetime customer relationships. London Fog recognized their opportunity to capture consumers online - but needed a strong partner to develop and execute a new direct to consumer commerce strategy and build a site with the required infrastructure. They selected ShopVisible to be that partner.

Realizing lost opportunities

The original was a brand information site that redirected engaged customers elsewhere to look at the catalog and buy merchandise. Despite this roadblock, the website was still receiving an impressive amount of traffic based on the brand popularity and interest in the products. It was clear that they were missing valuable transactional opportunities and that London Fog customers were seeking a website that would enable them to purchase directly from the brand. “When we saw that, we knew that there was significant unrealized opportunity to jump on,” said Daniel Pfeffer, London Fog’s Managing Director of E-Commerce.

Creating efficiencies

Without the e-commerce infrastructure in place for direct-to-consumer or online sales, there was a lot of work to be done, from customer service to fulfillment to creating a new commerce enabled site. This was exactly the kind of challenge that ShopVisible thrives on. Their on-demand e-commerce platform built for innovation and agility has earned them a reputation as the leader in technology deployment—they execute with great speed and efficiency, making their expertise right on the mark.

Driving influence and impact

Though a lack of infrastructure was the challenge, ShopVisible also saw it as an advantage; London Fog wasn’t already saddled with systems and processes that they had to change. The apparel company was able to let ShopVisible take their teams and run with it, while London Fog concentrated on doing what they do best—making and marketing great products. “This is doing something completely different than what the company had been historically set up for,” Pfeffer explained. “But in a three-month period we’re doing e-commerce sales at a relatively low cost because of the robust nature of ShopVisible’s platform.”

In fact, Pfeffer and ShopVisible were able to beat the projected launch date by almost a month—which meant they were able to get to market before the main coat-shopping season started. This provided them ample time to work out all of the operational and day-to-day management routines freeing them up to focus the bulk of their efforts on social media and marketing. “With the recent roll out of the new nationwide ad campaign featuring Nicole Scherzinger and the Holidays upon us – we are in a terrific position to continue this fantastic momentum”. Pfeffer praised ShopVisible’s experience in managing teams, noting how smoothly and quickly the iterative process went before they were up and running. “In the first few weeks our sales are already way past where we thought we’d be, and this is even without turning up the marketing and advertising.”

Of course, this immediate success isn’t the end of the story. “We trust ShopVisible and what they’re given us so far,” said Pfeffer. This trust has put them in an ongoing partnership for the future as London Fog continues to build out its brand and direct to consumer relationships. “The goal in retail is to build a large revenue stream for what you’re selling,” he pointed out. “ShopVisible has given us that with everything they’ve put in place. They’ve made it easy for us, and now it’s just up to us to provide the right product.”

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