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ShopVisible’s platform provides Healthé Trim with scalability, flexibility and marketing analytics features to fuel tremendous sales

The Challenge

HealthyLife Sciences, marketers of health, weight loss and anti-aging nutritional supplements approached ShopVisible with a new line of weight loss products called Healthé Trim. After extensive clinical trials proved Healthé Trim was highly effective, the company made plans to launch and aggressively market the brand using “celebrity” DJ’s on radio stations across the country. The DJ’s would use the product, lose weight and provide their own success stories as endorsements on-air, with the goal of getting their station’s listeners to purchase Healthé Trim products online.

With heavy media buys scheduled in many major markets, HealthyLife Sciences needed an ecommerce platform to handle the enormous traffic volumes they anticipated in those concentrated geographic areas. Maximizing their media spend would require a highly optimized search component and a robust response machine with the capability to test multiple promotions and offers. And to top it off, everything had to be up and running within 30 days.

The Solution

Chosen for their reputation for building flexible, reliable and scalable platforms with very rapid deployment, ShopVisible set out to meet the challenge.

ShopVisible developed a geo-targeting program for Healthé Trim designed around five essential objectives: scalability, flexibility, comprehension, innovation and visibility. Landing pages were created with the functionality of fostering consumer tests so HealthyLife Sciences could receive a large sample of consumer feedback and quickly adjust and optimize their marketing efforts. This would help structure their offers to maximize revenues and improve their continuity program.

The Healthé Trim platform was also built to allow the company to continuously market to customers throughout the year with promotions tied to holidays and seasonal demand such as New Years’ resolutions, Valentine’s Day and beach season. The platform also gives customers the opportunity to subscribe to receive refills at intervals of their choosing. ShopVisible’s subscription management design has proven to drive greater revenue; however, even if customers drop out of the program, the platform has comprehensive re-marketing functionality to help win them back.

The Results

ShopVisible met the launch date, delivering the platform prior to Healthé Trim’s first wave of radio promotions.

Driven by intense nationwide radio buys over very short periods of time, the site handles extremely heavy online traffic with redundancy, load balance and by seamlessly rolling traffic to additional servers once they reach capacity. In this way, its scalability helps protect HealthyLife Sciences’ media investment. And while the site performs thousands of orders an hour and millions per month, ShopVisible continues to add site enhancement and release notes in a very timely and responsive fashion.

Best of all, HealthyLife Sciences is happy to report that the effort has far surpassed the company goals, as orders have climbed from 100‘s to thousands per day, representing a 2000% volume increase.

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