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Mobile Strategies for a Three Screen Consumer
By Lauren Smith
4/6/2011 8:24:00 AM  
Last Thursday, Kendrick and I attended the March SEMPO Atlanta event held at the Google offices here in Atlanta. Entitled “Mobile Search Marketing,” SEMPO lined up some of the heavyweights in the mobile search industry to speak including:

     - Paul Gelb, VP of Mobile at Razorfish
     - Paul Cushman, Senior Director of Mobile Sales Strategy at Yahoo
     - Andy Chu, Director of Mobile Product Management at Bing
     - Elliott Nix, Senior Account Executive at Google

Mobile is a hot topic in the ecommerce world these days, with mobile commerce expected to grow a whopping 875% over the next five years, according to Paul Cushman of Yahoo. Even more staggering are the statistics that highlight the success mobile search campaigns see. When Papa Johns Pizza implemented a mobile ordering system, they saw $1 million in sales within the first six months. But what does this mean for online retailers?

The Traffic Pattern Is Changing
Yahoo examined the time of day most searches were made on desktops versus mobile devices and discovered that mobile originated searches start 2.5 hours earlier in the day than those from desktops. Not surprisingly, at around 7AM, while most people are getting up, eating their breakfast and even using the restroom (by the way a shocking 10% of searches occur in the restroom), they’re searching for products. Around 9:30 AM, when consumers are settled in at work, desktop searches searches see a surge in frequency. The number of desktop searches tend to remain consistent all day, but mobile searches spikes again around 12 PM while eating lunch. At 6 PM, another traffic spike occurs and climbs steadily until 11 PM. So in a nutshell, people are still using their phones while eating dinner, watching a little prime-time television, and cuddling in to bed.

Stop With The Traditional Advertising, Will You?
Both Google & Yahoo recently completed studies during The Oscars, The World Cup, and The Super Bowl. What they found is bad news for TV advertisers. You might as well turn off the commercials, because no one is watching. As the tablet market gains a larger share, people are using both their tablets and smartphones as their television watching companions. These two major search engines saw huge traffic lifts during show breaks, creating a graph that resembles the Rockies. The traffic dramatically increases, then dramatically decreases, through the program. In other words, that high dollar ad you paid for? Useless. The only highly searched ads were those with compelling soundtracks that happened to grab the consumer’s attention from their mobile device. Best example? Eminem’s Chrysler spot.

App or Mobile Site?
Before the saturation of smartphones in the market, many companies developed one off applications that were device specific. The problem began when consumers adopted additional smartphone platforms. The iPhone app was no longer relevant if a consumer purchased an Android. Companies began to develop apps specific to the added platforms, but the smartest companies know the secret - stop developing apps, and instead create a mobile instance of your site. The mobile version should be sleek & streamlined, allowing the user to finish a task as quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the quicker they are to abandon your site. And please, whatever you do, don’t use Flash.

Help Them Check Off Their To-Do’s (And Save a Few Bucks, Too)
The majority of searches are task-centric. Bing found that 75% of mobile searches that are task related are completed within one hour. In comparison, task-centric desktop searches take about one week to complete. When a consumer is searching for a birthday gift, the smart retailer will direct them to a quick selection and allow easy mobile purchasing. Secure payment methods and alternative payment methods like Google Checkout, Amazon Checkout, and PayPal are a necessity.

Nearly 50% of consumers want mobile coupons and roughly 5.3% of consumers actually use them. Offering an exclusive mobile discount gives them an incentive to purchase immediately, then and there.

The key takeaways are best summed up by Google’s Elliott Nix. Where do you want to reach your customers? What’s your success metric? Determine your goals and decide how you will reach them, but neglect a mobile strategy at your own peril.

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Luxury Daily : Do Security Fears Hinder Mcommerce For Luxury Consumers?
By Marketing
4/1/2011 12:04:00 PM  
There is a high level of interest for luxury consumers making purchases via their mobile devices, but the security concern remains a large barrier. Read more at Luxury Daily

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Catch This? Best of the Week, March 28th - April 1st
By Lauren Smith
4/1/2011 8:56:00 AM  

Catch This? is ShopVisible's weekly roundup of critical reading on the web. We know you're busy, but these are articles you simply can't miss.

Moms Love Smartphones
53% of moms say they purchased a smartphone directly as a result of becoming a mom. A staggering 68% of moms use their smartphone when shopping.

How The Pros Measure Social Media Marketing Success
Experts from JWT, 360i, and Digitaria explain why collecting a lot of Facebook “likes” must have an end goal.

Is Your Site Too Flashy?
With the significant increase in mobile shopping, it’s time for retailers to consider abandoning Flash-based websites.

Fifty Percent of Shoppers Consult Mobile Phones for Purchasing
A survey of 1800 mobile phone users revealed that at least 50% of them use the phone for mobile shopping, whether it be purchasing, price comparison, or search.

What Retailers Need To Know About E-Couponing
Learn how to increase sales, website traffic and customer retention by offering e-coupons on your ecommerce site.

The Rules of Social Media Engagement
Brian Solis gives best practices for engaging in social media - from finding your brand’s voice to practicing self-restraint.

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Catch This? Best of the Week, March 14th-18th
By Lauren Smith
3/18/2011 8:34:00 AM  

Catch This? is ShopVisible's weekly roundup of critical reading on the web. We know you're busy, but these are articles you simply can't miss.

80% of Children Under Age 5 Use The Internet
Recent studies show that nearly 80% of children under the age of 5 use the internet on a weekly basis. Future consumers and the birth of a new marketing strategy?

Online Video Offers Low-Cost Marketing For Your Company
The New York Times gives six tips for using videos to increase sales.

Women Text, Shop Online More Than Men
According to Nielsen Data, 72% of women have shopped online in the last 30 days compared to 68% of men. Ages 35-54 lead the pack in amount purchased.

7 Levels of Social Media Engagement
Social Media Today presents the seven stages of companies’ engagement in social media - from the very beginning to a deeply engaged, people powered community.

Retailer Follow Up On Negative Reviews Pays Off
Powerful data on the impact of listening to what your customers are saying in the social web and responding publicly.

Re-Market To Recapture
Up to 75% of online shoppers abandon their carts before completing the checkout process. Did you know 30-50% of those can be recaptured with a personalized email? NRF shares the three top ways to re-engage the consumer.

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Categories: Mobile Commerce, Commerce Insights Blog, Social Commerce, Catch This?
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Catch This? Best of the Week, March 7th-11th
By Lauren Smith
3/11/2011 9:48:00 AM  

Catch This? is ShopVisible's weekly roundup of critical reading on the web. We know you're busy, but these are articles you simply can't miss.

Social Media Creates Brand Advocates

Marketing Charts shares statistics on the ever pressing need to reach out to your customers on social media. Surprising highlight: 67% of those who made a complaint took some action to remove their negative posting after being contacted by the retailer.

The Retail Store of the Future

The Street examines the evolution of retail stores and their future role in commerce now that consumers flock online for purchases.

Six Trends To Help You Avoid the Race To The Bottom

Kevin Kelly of Wired Magazine spoke about six ways to help businesses compete and stay relevant during an era of consumer wallet tightening at Innovate 11 this week.

Organic Search Proves More Fruitful Than Paid Ads

Business News Daily presents findings by research firm User Centric on paid versus organic search results. On average, ads were viewed only 21% of the time while organic results were viewed 100%. Bottom line? SEO and your organic search position are more important than ever.

One Man's Spam Is Another's Good Result: Google's New Approach To Spam

Search Engine Watch covers Google’s announcement that they will now allow users to block sites they don’t want to see in their results, providing a personalized search experience.

41% of iPhone Users Are Making Purchases Via The Device

Luxury Daily’s study finds that over half of smartphone owners use their device while shopping, and they’re not just comparison shopping.

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Categories: Mobile Commerce, Commerce Insights Blog, Social Commerce, Catch This?
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