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14 SEO Tips to Weed Out the Tire Kickers

Much has been written about SEO best practices, but what hasn't been covered adequately is how to differentiate between tire-kicker traffic and quality traffic that converts ... until now!

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10 Ecommerce Site Improvements to Increase Conversions

While there are dozens of ways to improve your user experience, we've narrowed it down to ten that we believe will produce the greatest impact to your online business in terms of customer experience through to conversion.

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B2B Trends Part 1: Applying B2C Best Practices to Your B2B Business

Funny thing about companies: they're filled with people. We forget that sometimes. B2B sellers who emulate major online retailers, pay attention to their customers, and are able to deliver in an omnichannel way, will become the big winners.

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Getting Started Guide for Omnichannel Ecommerce Replatforming

Thinking about replatforming? RFPs are helpful, but you need to dig deeper. Instead of just comparing features, use scenario-based planning to help determine the right eCommerce platform provider for your business.

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Influence & Impact eCommerce Benchmarking Report: 2013 Review

Gain real-world insights into all aspects of eCommerce and direct insight into trends in the marketplace. Includes eCommerce KPIs, industry trends (mobile, CSEs, marketplaces), and holiday shopping data.

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OMS Playbook

Is your Order Management System prepared to meet the demands of today's consumer? If you want to compete in this omnichannel world, you'll need a playbook.

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Case Studies

We're proud of our track record of helping clients achieve and exceed their business goals. Here are a few examples of recent successes.

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Nutrex Hawaii's new eCommerce strategy yields 60% revenue increase

Nutrex Hawaii understood the value that a sophisticated
eCommerce platform could bring to their company to support their eCommerce strategy.

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Weekends Only Boosts Average Purchase Price by 200%

Even though Weekends Only was extremely successful with their brick and mortar presence, they saw the opportunity to enhance their ecommerce presence online to help increase sales, expand their market and compete with online retailers.

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Plow & Hearth Puts it All Under One Roof

Learn how ShopVisible's SaaS model allowed Plow & Hearth to bring their separate unique websites onto one platform.

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ShopVisible Videos

Below is a selection of videos from the ShopVisible YouTube channel. These videos include interviews with our executive team at events, client interviews, demonstrations of our product and occasionally give a glimpse into life at ShopVisible.



Day Two of the NRF Big Show 2014!

Our VP of sales and operations, Shane Desrochers, shares the top three questions you should ask yourself as you leave NRF and plan for the eCommerce year ahead.


Live From the NRF Big Show 2014!

ShopVisible is proud to exhibit at the National Retail Federation's 2014 Big Show in New York City. Our CEO, Sean Cook, shares leading industry trends in this video - live from the trade show floor!


Business Buyers Are People, Too!

Meet Melissa, the new breed of B2B business buyer. She leads a busy life and her expectations are to have the same experiences purchasing for work as shopping online for herself.


ShopVisible Helps Case-Mate Grow Their Business

Peter Rein, Senior Director of E-commerce at Case-Mate, explains how their partnership with ShopVisible helps them grow their e-commerce and mobile business for the future.


ShopVisible Proves a Strong Partner for Alpha Industries

Jesse Price, Director of Global E-Commerce and Online Marketing at Alpha Industries, discusses how ShopVisible's built in functionality and e-commerce expertise helps their business grow.


ShopVisible Offers Complete OMS

ShopVisible now offers our Order Management System (OMS) available as a stand-alone option for retailers and manufacturers. Previously, our OMS was only available to full-platform clients, but now it can be deployed to support any ecommerce website.

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