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ShopVisible's Enhanced Email Marketing System
By DannieB
11/7/2008 12:20:00 PM
Email marketing remains one the most effective ways for online businesses to up-sell and cross-sell customers.  ShopVisible just made their clients email marketing campaigns better than ever before.
Studies show that testing is key to maximizing ROI with emails.  Online merchants should aim to figure out what kinds of emails should be sent out to which customers, and when. Generally, when an online merchant pushes out an email blast to their clientele, they have no way of distinguishing between the customers who deleted the message, those who opened the email, and those who opened the email and came back to their site to buy.  Knowing this information is integral to adjusting the way a campaign is structured and executed throughout the year.

ShopVisible’s new email tracking capabilities let clients see exactly how their campaign is playing out, with the kind of information that online merchants only dream of accessing.  The SV site manager can now,

•    Summarize the request date, scheduled date and completion date of a newsletter blast
•    Show the total number of emails in the batch, broken down by success to reach inbox, failure to reach inbox, duplicates and opt outs
•    Show how many emails were opened and how many visitors came to the site from these opened emails
And last, but certainly not least,

•     Reveal the total number of orders and the dollar value of those orders from customers who came to the site because of an email

This last capability gives a huge strategic advantage to ShopVisible clients.  Since ShopVisible is an all-in-one integrated solution with an analytics package included, we are one of the few ecommerce sites out there that can generate this vital information for online merchants.  Pinpointing visitors who are spending the most amount of money on products can help business owners focus on a plan to keep those valuable customers as repeat customers.  On the other hand, learning what customers are not being persuaded by the newsletter blast can help merchants come up with new email ideas or layouts that may attract more visitors to their site.

All in all, ShopVisible’s email marketing enhancements are just another worthy addition to the world-class platform that continues to help online businesses grow.  

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