How to display Featured Products on a Raptor Template.

This example will be using "Featured Product Groups" as they are not bound to any specific category, brand, or product.
First you need to setup a Featured Product Group.
Once it's setup at "Content => Products => Featured" it should look something like this.
This example uses the "404 Products" group as it's a standard group present in most implementations.

1. Create a .htm file on ftp in the "/core" folder. For this example we will use "/core/sample-page.htm"

2. Create a new template by going to "Content => Pages => Templates" in site manager.
At the bottom of the screen click on the Plus symbol and the creation form pops up.
You only need to fill out the first two fields like so:
(The file will appear on the list once it's in the FTP core folder, you will need to reload if you do not see it right away.)

3. Once the template is created you can edit the code by clicking the edit icon for the template.
The example code looks like this:
This code has the following parameters setup:

You can see the final product at: http://[yoursiteurl]/sample-page.htm [example:]

To create more just setup new .htm template files and additional Featured Product Groups  as needed and you are good to go. You can use /css/client.css to style them as you would any other section of the site.