Innovation Spotlight

We lead the way in innovation in the ecommerce sphere. With an unmatched release cycle that brings new functionality to the platform every eight weeks, we keep you equipped with features before they are in demand. Our goal is to supply you with better solutions to more efficiently run your business and constantly increase your ROI.

Social Commerce Platform

Ecommerce for Facebook

At ShopVisible, we believe Facebook is the ultimate recommendation engine. There is nothing more powerful than an endorsement from a trusted source. With that in mind, we introduced Social Commerce at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. ShopVisible Social Commerce give retailers the ability to harness the social power of Facebook with complete ecommerce functionality, allowing customers to browse products and complete transactions without leaving your Facebook page.

Traffic by Location

Improved Analytics Insights

With ShopVisible’s Traffic by Location feature, visitor data is compiled into real-time analytics, mapping out regions with high and low-traffic rates on the merchants websites. Using this tool, retailers can tailor content or advertisements based on Web traffic in specific regions.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Optimized Experience

With about 15% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important to have a website that is optimized for mobile browsing. At ShopVisible we don’t create an application that your customers have to download. Instead, we allow your customers smartphone to be automatically detected upon going to your primary site. ShopVisible helps you provide a rich shopping experience tailored to their device - whether they’re browsing from an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows platform.

Automated 301 Re-Directs

Search Optimized Functionality

ShopVisible’s platform enables 301 redirects to be automated through the site manager, eliminating the need for third party vendors or manually remapping and redirecting urls. In many instances this feature boosts our customer’s site rankings when they migrate to our platform.
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