Shipping Tools

Shipping is often a nightmare for online merchants, but it doesn't need to be. Our shipping solution is comprehensive but uncomplicated. You can work with any of your preferred shipping or freight vendors and you don't have to pay a third party service to manage shipping. We've done the heavy lifting on the technology so you can forget about complicated shipping logistics and focus on growing your business. 

The ShopVisible platform integrates with all the most popular carriers, such as UPS, DHL or FedEx, a broad range of LTL carriers and over ninety other carriers. For efficient USPS postage access, we integrated our ecommerce platform to work with Endicia. Whatever your shipping preference, we have a solution for you. 

International Shipping

Through our partnership and integration with Pitney Bowes' international ecommerce solution, you'll grow your business by providing international shoppers in 200 countries with a seamless purchasing and shipping experience. 

Multiple Shipping Carriers

The platform is built to include FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL shippers. The shipping calculator formulates all costs against real time rates via AJAX so the client’s browser does not need to refresh during cost generation.

Freight Shipping

Our ecommerce platform supports Yellow Freight, Etes, Conway, FedEx Freight, and Roadway. Standard freight is calculated against real time rates. In addition, you can program specific cost changing factors into the site manager. 

Customized Shipping

With our shipping features you can set custom pricing and create your own business model around shipping. From the site manager, you can set up categories and associate them with specific products, including options for free shipping or special shipping promotions. If it makes sense for your business you can even customize a “white glove” cost for customers who want to pay extra for special deliveries. The ShopVisible shipping engine is smart logic for shipping over-sized packages. If a product exceeds the weight or size limit for a carrier (like UPS), shipping can be set to transfer into freight.

Drop Shipping

It's easy to integrate your preferred shipping application into the ShopVisible platform - either by using our automated tracking number generation and retrieval process or a previous application that automatically transfers data back into the site manager. Drop shipping is completely automated, eliminating communication hassles between the drop shipper, you, and your customer. You can set up user permissions for your drop shippers in the site manager, so that they have access to order data and shipping tools.

For retailers with drop shippers, shipping is calculated based on each supplier's address. When a customer purchases two products from a storefront, but each item ships from a separate manufacturer, the customer receives both tracking numbers. Our sophisticated system tracks each item within an order, as opposed to just an order.

We service clients with drop-shippers, fulfillment houses, in house inventory and more, and we provide shipping services for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, franchisees—you name it. At ShopVisible, our technology works for you, so that you don't waste time making your technology work.

Comprehensive Shipping Options

Customers need options when it comes to shipping and we’ve developed the platform to allow you to give them options. You can easily shop around for and calculate the best shipping rates for your customers:

  • Calculated shipping rates
  • Percentage of shopping cart
  • Fixed tiered shipping pricing
  • Product fixed rate
  • System wide free ground shipping
  • Tiered pricing shipping
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