Inventory Management

Today’s consumer moves fast. Consider the implications that this fast paced, ever connected consumer has on retailers and the challenges that they face with managing inventory. More than ever proper inventory management is critical to the success of every business. Businesses must make it easy for shoppers to not only locate the specific inventory that is of interest but also ensure that the related imagery and content load quickly. ShopVisible is able to help retailers manage the growing challenges that they face with managing inventory.

ShopVisible has the inventory management tools that will prevent the consequences of over-selling a product by ensuring that the inventory offered to the public across multiple touchpoints accurately reflects what is in stock. ShopVisible is able to provide near real-time syncing of data between channels and data sources, so that you can react with high confidence to changing inventory levels and ensure that re-orders occur when they need to.

Inventory Management Capabilities:

  • Keep product information and inventory current
  • Manage order spikes without overselling what is in stock
  • Keep track of inventory levels
  • Manage orders flowing in from multiple channels
  • Handle seasonality & constant flux in the popularity of products
  • And then above all, keep the data synchronized accurately such that all the previously listed challenges don’t become “problems”

    Read more about how ShopVisible helped manage a growing inventory of over 900,000 SKUs. Read the case study here.
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