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ShopVisible Client Connect

Thank you for attending the First Annual ShopVisible Client Connect. We hope that you had a great time learning best practices and networking with your peers. Below you will find links for all presentations that we were given permission to redistribute. You'll also find the links for two surveys, one is the Client Satisfaction Survey, and the second is the Client Connect Survey. We would appreciate your feedback so we can continue to grow ShopVisible in the coming year.

  • ShopVisible Client Connect Survey
  • ShopVisible Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Keynote - Sponsored by Pitney Bowes; Social, Mobile, Global with Kent Allen (PDF)

    Kent Allen has been active in the ecommerce community since he ran the Aberdeen Group ecommerce practice from 1998-2004. In late 2004, he started his own research and strategy consulting practice, The Research Trust. In recent years, his industry analysis and thought leadership work has focused on emerging and best practices in digital marketing and multichannel retail, especially as they relate to international expansion. Kent recently launched Commerce Crossing Borders, a blog that focuses on cross-border and international ecommerce. He continues to write white papers and case studies that illustrate how leading brands are using innovation to deliver value to today's globally connected consumers.

  • Best Practices in Search Engine Optimization with Tim McGuiness (PDF)

    Tim McGuiness is a private SEO who makes his living achieving top rankings for his own sites and those of a small group of clients. He has been working in SEO for 8 years and with ecommerce companies for 6 years. He has worked with companies ranging from $10 million/year online to startups.

  • Advanced Ecommerce Marketing Strategies: Leveraging ShopVisible for Total Managed Marketing with Jason Prance of Bottlecap Development (PDF)

    Jason oversees digital strategy and marketing at Bottlecap with a strong focus in search engine marketing, usability, and analytics. Over the past 10 years, Jason has launched countless online businesses, which have generated over one-half billion dollars in revenue through e-commerce and professional services. Jason's passion is to evangelize and cultivate the advancement of technology and communication across all platforms we know today. Jason and his high school sweetheart, Crystal, are raising their first boy, Grady, and are desperately trying to figure out a way to slow down time.

  • Best Practices for International Expansion with Steven Dziedzic for Pitney Bowes (PDF)

    Steven Dziedzic is an experienced strategist who specializes in long-term planning and market strategy in the ecommerce technology space. Specifically, he currently serves as an industry expert in the international ecommerce space for Pitney Bowes, a Fortune 500 technology company, where his primary role is working with retail clients to optimize international ecommerce opportunities. Finally, Steven is also the Founder of Hopscotch Group, an Internet technology incubator based in New York City specializing in local commerce applications.

  • How to Leverage PPC - Linda Puchyr of JumpFly (PDF)

    Linda Puchyr has been with JumpFly since 2006 and has been Director of Sales since 2009. As a former business owner, Linda has a proven track record for identifying the needs of clients. She has a keen talent for not only recognizing client problems, but also figuring out a solution to them. In her current role as Director of Sales, Linda has returned to her true passion of sales. She finds extreme gratification and satisfaction in selling a service that is one of the key components for success in the ecommerce world today.

  • Analytics 101 – Tom Klein of Digital Scientists (PDF)

    Tom Klein has led numerous business strategy and digital marketing engagements for Global 1000 companies, including Heineken, Merrill Lynch, Medtronic, Yahoo!, Intuit, Coca-Cola, Host Marriott, James River, ConAgra, Novartis, Lamar, and Gables Residential.

    Tom’s specific areas of expertise include brand strategy, marketing planning, ecommerce, social media, mobile / tablet technologies, and digital marketing analytics. He is also the co-author of Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing (Wiley: 2003).

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