Choosing an eCommerce Platform

There's a vast difference in eCommerce solutions. In today's omnichannel world, replatforming is likely a central and strategic decision that will impact all areas of your business. Taking a serious look at your own business before issuing an RFP will give you much better insight into what you need. Instead of focusing solely on specific features, ask yourself how you sell, how you fulfill, how your customers buy from you, and which technology fits your business needs. The answers will help you match up your business with the right eCommerce platform provider.



Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Provider

Here are some initial questions you should ask yourself and your current (and potential) eCommerce platform provider.

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Getting Started Guide for Omnichannel eCommerce Replatforming (Whitepaper)

Download our latest guide on how to get started with replatforming in an omnichannel world. Learn how to go beyond feature comparisons and use scenario-based planning to make your decision.

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RFP Template

We're experts in eCommerce, so we've created a Request for Proposal (RFP) template that asks for responses to questions you might not think to ask. Use this to organize an compare responses from potential providers.

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