Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about ShopVisible, the Web’s most robust ecommerce solution provider. If your question is not satisfactorily addressed or does not appear below, please contact us for more information.

  1. What is an ecommerce solution provider?
    A good ecommerce solution provider partners with businesses, identifies and accomodates unique requirements and provides all the tools and services needed to ensure the online success of that business. Ecommerce solution providers are best fit with businesses looking to attract new customers, build solid online relationships and convert online visitors into paying customers through effective marketing and search engine optimization.
  2. How can the ShopVisible platform improve my online business?
    ShopVisible is a comprehensive solution with all the tools you need to run an online business end to end. From content, channel, marketing and order management to alternative payment method, shipping options and mobile and social solutions, the ShopVisible platform is the most robust offering available. The flexibility of the platform and complete set of APIs means that we can integrate with legacy systems to make even the most complicated businesses uncomplicated. With ShopVisible you can log in to one place to manage every aspect of your online business. Our solution is complete with strategic services, such as custom website design services, total managed ecommerce, training and education and more. You get more than just a platform, you get the human expertise too. ShopVisible approaches your online business from all angles to ensure you success and our ecommerce experts deploy strategies and technology to help maximize your ROI.
  3. What are the advantages of using ShopVisible as an ecommerce solution provider?
    (1) ShopVisible's platform is built to help get your products everywhere that consumers are spending their time: search engines; channels; comparison shopping engines; facebook; twitter; blogs; and more. (1) ShopVisible's all-inclusive solution will streamline how you manage your online business. Daily operations are easy to manage when you are using the ShopVisible platform:
    • Content Management System: You will save time and money because you have the ability to add, edit and remove website content whenever it's most convenient for you. We don’t “nickel and dime” you every time you need to make a change. You control your content, you make the change using our easy content management tools.
    • Merchandising Functionality: We've considered every feature you could possibly need to capture your audience. You have the ability to cross sell, upsell and suggest products, invite ratings & reviews, offer subscription & loyalty programs and more. You have infinite flexibility in how you showcase products and can even let customers sort by the features most relevant to them. Once a customer has added a product to their cart you can present the available alternatives, accessories, and add-ons.
    • Channel Management: Online channels and comparison shopping engines are a popular destination for many consumers and ShopVisible makes it easy to push your products to these avenues to increase product visibility in these valuable, high traffic online channels. You can easily turn on this functionality and automatically list goods in top-ranking sites, such as Amazon,,, NexTag, Yahoo!, MSN, PriceGrabber, and many more.
    • Data Management: ShopVisible offers a complete suite of analytics tools and integrates with third party reporting companies to help answer the critical questions that you need to make the right decsions. What are my highest performing keywords? What channels are converting sales? What drives traffic? Is it the same thing that drives sales? You can keep a finger on the pulse of sales, inventory, and product performance with ShopVisible’s powerful data management tools.
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): You’ve worked hard at building client relations; don’t risk losing their loyalty. ShopVisible steers you in the right direction for attracting and maintaining a solid customer base.  Email rewards programs, repeat customer promotion capabilities, and ongoing communications tools keep consumers engaged and repeat customers.
    • Custom Website Design: Brands and manufacturers know the importance of maintaining the image. We build website that offer a compelling and relevant experience for consumers. Our design partners work with you to really understand your brand and develop personas to execute a customized look and feel that’s appropriate for your business.
    • Marketing & Consulting: Building your business around a great product or service is your job; ShopVisible offers the strategic insight on how to best leverage the platform to promote your products.  With ShopVisible you are ensured a partner who takes a real interest in how your business is performing.
    • Education and Training: In this industry, knowing you to leverage your assets can make or break your efforts. We make it our business to keep you well informed of new features and enhancements to the platform. We offer training and documentation on how to operate every aspect of the platform. Our clients’ success is our success.
  4. How can ShopVisible enhance my search engine optimization and natural rankings?
    ShopVisible was founded upon the principle of building websites that appear at the top of natural search in all the major search engines. Our unique, behind-the-scenes programming techniques are geared toward positioning your website in the top search engine results—naturally. The content, architecture and inbound and outbound links on your site are what search engines consider to determine where your site ranks in search results and this is where we focus our attention. We believe your products and services are only as strong as your best SEO efforts because consumers have to be able to find them.
  5. Does ShopVisible offer QuickBooks™ accounting software integration?
    ShopVisible seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks™ accounting software, providing automated data entry to simplify your accounting needs. The platform integrates with many accounting software solutions and even offers a built in solution to ensure that whatever your preference, you have the option.
  6. How can ShopVisible help streamline inventory management?
    ShopVisible’s ecommerce solution software can transform your online store into a well-managed, organized, virtual warehouse, replete with reports and data at your fingertips.
  7. Can ShopVisible operate websites in foreign languages?
    Unlike most ecommerce solution providers, ShopVisible empowers you and your website to engage with the international market. You can easily conduct business foreign languages and accept foreign currencies for products without the headaches of exchange rates or translators. Additionally, you have the ability to ship products internationally without complications and clearly communicate shipping options and expectations with international customers.
  8. Is the ShopVisible platform a hosted solution or stand-alone software?
    ShopVisible is offered as a hosted solution to facilitate the most current program versions and secured online access. All ShopVisible clients enjoy the benefits of being on a single, unified version of our platform. Innovation is at the core of our business; we are constantly looking for ways to enhance and advance the platform technology. Thus, when we add new features to the platform, all of our clients benefit from being part of the ecosystem.
  9. How are ShopVisible ecommerce solution upgrades implemented?
    Upgrades are implemented without service interruption or website downtime, during off-peak hours, in a timely and efficient manner.
  10. Does ShopVisible offer a content management system?
    You have complete control of site content and the ShopVisible Content Management System is modeled after Microsoft Word, providing an intuitive interface and reducing user training requirements. It's easy to log in to the Site Manager, create a new page, a new section, or new promotion and control the content your customers contribute to product reviews. Our goal is to empower your marketing team to create content unfettered by complicated content management technology.
  11. Can I track website and visitor statistics through ShopVisible?
    ShopVisible’s traffic reporting and analytics tools give you complete insight into all the activities taking place on your website.
  12. Will ShopVisible allow me to create and manage e-mail campaigns?
    ShopVisible’s marketing suite includes complete e-mail campaign management - from adding e-mail addresses to designing newsletters and scheduling mailings, e-mail campaigns are easy to manage within the platform. Additionally, we've built integrations with third party email-marketing solutions to offer you the most extensive options for managing email campaigns.
  13. Does the ShopVisible solution offer product loyalty features?
    ShopVisible offers a comprehensive set of features designed to attract and retain customers. AsSend out pre-timed email alerts to your customers with special offers and promotion codes. Create an SMS campaign and have your customers make promotional purchases through their cell phones.
  14. Can my customers enter product reviews and rate products through ShopVisible?
    Customer reviews and user generated content are two important drivers of online conversion rates that also affect natural search ranking. The ShopVisible platform has built in rating and review functionality that allows you to invite and publish customer generated content without third party tools. You can easily empower customers to express honest feedback and learn why some products are more popular than others without the guesswork and market your goods with intelligence.
  15. Does the ShopVisible platform interface with Excel or XML?
    Both Excel and XML are fully supported, including import and export functions for ease of reporting and communication.
  16. How long have you been an ecommerce solution provider?
    The ShopVisible technology was first developed in 2001. ShopVisible was officially incorporated in January 2006. 
  17. How much does the ShopVisible software cost?
    The ShopVisible ecommerce solution ranges in price depending on your needs, inventory size, and other requirements. Please contact us and we will provide a custom quote for your online business.
  18. What is the best way to get started with ShopVisible?
    Contact us to speak with one of our representatives and he or she will walk you through a demonstration of our platform.
  1. Do I have to change my primary website?
    No, ShopVisible Social Commerce is built to run either as a stand-alone platform within Facebook. No changes to your primary site are needed to run ShopVisible Social Commerce.
  2. Is it possible to connect this to my current ecommerce platform?
    ShopVisible Social Commerce has the capability to integrate with any ecommerce platform. We ensure that Social Commerce doesn’t disrupt your current business, allowing you an additional channel to grow your profits.
  3. Is there a way to connect this to my order management system?
    Yes, we can treat Social Commerce like a traditional third party channel. All orders can funnel in to existing shipping and order management systems, streamlining your ecommerce business.
  4. Will you do the design for us?
    Just like our primary ecommerce platform, we provide all services needed to get you up and running. With our design services, we can create a rich shopping experience within Facebook that mimics your current site. If you choose, you can have your design team create your site using our rich API.
  5. What other services are available?
    We offer a large number of services to help you grow and optimize your business within Facebook. We provide detailed analytics, social media & marketing execution, strategic consulting, and ongoing training and education.
  6. What are the resources required on my side?
    With the broad number of ShopVisible services offered, you can choose to be as involved as you like. If you wish, ShopVisible can take your entire product catalog to create a site within Facebook, integrate with your existing system, and provide you with a turnkey solution. If you choose to use your own resources, we provide you with jQuery libraries, CSS control, and access to our rich API to create your site.
  7. Does my IT team need to be involved?
    ShopVisible Social Commerce puts the power of social media in the hands of your marketing team. With Windows style editors and an intuitive user interface, you can easily control the look and feel of your site without the need of HTML knowledge. Add in new promotions, change descriptions of products, and update your product catalog as often as you like, without requiring involvement from your IT team.
  8. Is ShopVisible Social Commerce an ecommerce platform or an application that runs on Facebook?
    The ShopVisible Social Commerce Platform for Facebook is not an application; it is a robust ecommerce platform that offers all of the tools and functionality of an enterprise-class ecommerce platform which allows retailers the opportunity to truly bring a full ecommerce experience for consumers to Facebook.
  9. Will my brand’s page look like a typical Facebook page or can I customize it to mirror my retail site?
    The platform includes the front-end flexibility to manage and control the look and feel of the brand’s Facebook page, allowing for unprecedented design customization. With this capability, you can either mimic your current site, or you can build something specifically designed for Facebook.
  10. Is there a limit to the products I can sell on my Facebook page?
    Retailers can use the page to showcase just a selection of products or the entire product catalog. Our easy content management system allows you to add in, remove, or change your products easily and quickly.
  11. What kind of promotions can I offer on my ShopVisible-powered Facebook page?
    All marketing promotions that are offered on the brand’s home site can be implemented on the Facebook page. In addition, retailers can customize promotions exclusive to Facebook visitors, including coupon codes and discounts. The easy editors allow anyone familiar with a Windows editor system to change promotions as often as they choose. ShopVisible Social Commerce enables the marketing team to create promotions based on a holiday, weather event, or color grouping without the assistance of an IT team.
  12. What kind of backend support will I see with ShopVisible Social Commerce?
    The platform provides control over inventory, order management, shipping methods and multiple payment methods. In addition, ShopVisible Social Commerce can integrate with any third party tool already in place.
  13. Can visitors make purchases on the Facebook page without being directed back to a brand’s home or corporate site?
    Payments can be made without ever leaving Facebook, making the transaction seamless and simple for the valued consumer. ShopVisible Social Commerce also accepts multiple payment methods including Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, PayPal, and even Wells Fargo Financing.
  14. How will ShopVisible’s Social Commerce Platform integrate with my existing ecommerce platform?
    ShopVisible provides retailers with the ability to connect and integrate directly with their existing infrastructure, or can operate as a stand-alone channel.
  15. Will I need separate resources to manage the Social Commerce Platform?
    Because ShopVisible’s Social Commerce platform will fully integrate with your existing platform, no additional resources are necessary to manage or support the implementation.
  16. What are some of the benefits of ShopVisible Social Commerce over a Facebook application?
    The most significant benefit is that the platform provides all of the robust features and capabilities of an ecommerce platform within Facebook as well as the unique opportunity to fully customize the Facebook page to reflect the home site. Users will also benefit from ongoing innovation, new features every eight weeks and integrations far beyond what an application can offer.
  17. What security features come with the Social Commerce Platform and will it be PCI Compliant?
    ShopVisible Social Commerce is PCI Level 1 Certified to ensure the utmost security of both retailers’ and consumers’ data.
  18. How is ShopVisible Social Commerce different from competitive solutions?
    1. ShopVisible Social Commerce is not a Flash based platform. Some of our competitors Facebook stores are on a Flash based platform, eliminating the ability to use a mobile or tablet browser that doesn’t support Flash to shop. Ex: iPhones and iPads (7 million sold) use Safari mobile browser, which doesn’t support Flash.
    2. ShopVisible offers a complete order management system on the back end of the platform without requiring you to integrate with third party tools. While it can easily integrate with any systems already in place, but for retailers that choose, ShopVisible is a complete system needed to run their business.
    3. Implementing Wells Fargo Financing as a payment option allows us to target companies with higher consideration products. Tempur-Pedic will be using, but can also be used for luxury brands, jewelry stores, etc.
    4. ShopVisible Social Commerce is and will always be a single, unified instance of our platform. All of clients get free ongoing updates and added features and they’re all on the same version of the platform. This eliminates “dinosaur” software versions that require paid upgrades to have the latest version.
    5. We have one cost to implement, one monthly license fee, and one per transaction fee. We don’t charge additional or hidden fees that can pop up and surprise you, or push you out of your budget.
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